Sunday, November 18, 2012

Data Backup

Data Backup aims to create an exact copy of the original data. This step is necessary to anticipate the damage [no original data that may be caused by a virus. Hardware malfunction, or a compatible program and accidentally our own.
The truth needs to be not only the backup of important data we have, the registry was also necessary to backup to anticipate changes in our system.

Friday, November 16, 2012

How to computer service

Examination of the computer are classified into several categories.
Categories visual inspection
Visual inspection is an examination of the early stages of the examination of some of the problems that can be captured easily by the eye or the five senses. Visual inspection for example:
• Check the cable connections, such as power cable or data cable. Is there a cable loose or not connected.
Examination of "jumpers" like jumper motherboard, hard disk or CD ROM. Whether the configuration is correct

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Installing the printer on a Server

How do I install a printer on a computer that is connected to the network, so it can be used by another computer? So the printer can be used by several busy to dalamsatu computer within the network, the installation is done on the computer or server that is connected directly to the printer. Stages are as follows: 1. Enter into the control panel and double click Printers and Faxs 2. Select the File menu and then click Add Printer or double click on the icon add printer, so the add printer dialog box appears, click Next 3. Select the local printer, and then click next. adjust the column installation with the printer manufacturer and printer manufacturer and printer type to be installed. If it is not listed, click Have Disk and specify the location of drivers 4. Click Next and specify the port used by the printer 5. Click next and specify the name of the printer that will be installed 6. Click next to test the printer or not 7. Click Finish when you have finished setting  
The install has finished dilakuan later, so the printer can be used in a network, the printer needs in advance shareing. The steps are: 1. In Control Panel, double-click Printers and Faxes 2. Right-click the printer icon you want to use select Sharing 3. Then will come the printer Properties dialog box and select the Sharing tab 4. Click the share as. Specify the share name of the printer in the share name 5. Click Apply and then click OK to try to end 6. If successful, the image on the printer icon will appear in the picture shareing palms.

Tips on Working with Computers

1. Do not hesitate to communicate with expert technicians who are experts in their fields
If you find a problem that can not be solved with bias melaukan search steps that have been discussed in this blog, do not hesitate to consult with your subscription technician
2. If not in perlukanjangan connect power to the computer while Chasing still open
This is quite important, when you masihmengotak tweaking the components in the computer, do not connect the computer to the mains. If you ignore this, the risk of danger lurking you. Especially PC with ATX power supplay, to decide not only mematikom electric power and abuse power still chasing computer.jaringan menyuplay mengalirdan still a mainstream motherboard. So to cut off power, unplug it from the power cable plugs and do not set it up before you finish
3. Keep your place of work
Do not underestimate the workplace hygiene, avoid foods and drinks in your workplace. In fear when a beverage or food spilled PC
4. Use a good light when working
To clarify your views in order to work more convenient to be able to use a flashlight komponenkecil
5. Wear sandals when working with computer
Wearing sandals aim to avoid stray electricity that comes when you unpack your PC
6. Prepare a place to accommodate the screw
So that when you put the screw disassembly not random so that no screws are missing.
7. Do not engage in coercion of a hard component installed
If you force the pair of components to be careful it can be broken component or tusak
8. Give Ground on computer
That motherboard and other computer components have a very sensitive integrated circuit. To avoid damage to the motherboard and other computer components due to static electricity, preferably chasing groundkan to the ground so the current does not leak. In addition, by doing grounding component life can also be longer.

Dismantling PC

1. Prepare a Phillips screwdriver () and regular screwdriver (-)

2. Open chasing first PC
Set aside chasing bolts so as not to lose

3. Disconnect the power cables are connected to the power supplay
To remove the wires do not pull the cord but hold the cable grip and shake left-right or front and back if you want to take it off.

4. Disconnect the cables IDE Floppy disks and CD Room of chasing
5. Disconnect the cables from the motherboard front panel

6. Remove VGALepaskan VGA (Video Graphics Adapter), soud card installed on the motherboard.

7. Remove the module RAM (Random acsess Memory) from the slot motherborad.
To remove the RAM using the thumb and middle finger to hold the key to the RAM slots. Press until it clicks then grab RAM

8. Open bolts motherboard.

9. Remove the processor fan from the motherboard.
To remove the fan, but can use hands open horizontally so that the fan is not broken foot after the open lift

10. Remove the processor from the motherboard.
To remove the processor open tap and slide the hook processor, the processor but do not ever take hold gold that is on the back of the processor.
How to Assemble a PC
1. Prepare chasing and installing power supplay

2. Install the motherboard
Tighten the screws securely to the motherboard so that the position of chasing, attach I / O first

3. Plug the cable connector

4. Replace the processor and heatsink paste
In mounting the processor to processors follow the signs towards the golden triangle d processors. Put the pasta taste above processor and processor lock by pressing the lever in order to fit the position of the processor.

5. Insert the memory module

6. Insert a floppy disk, hard disk, and a CD ROM drive

7. Installing power connectors

8. Replacing the data cable

9. Replacing the power cable to the PC, mause, keyboard

10. Close chasing PC

Choosing the Operating System

Although many operating system with the latest version of mail delivery and the ability menggiuran, but not necessarily the system is compatible with computer specs we have.There are two basic questions that you should answer before deciding on the appropriate operating system. The two questions are: 
1. Is your computer specs? 2. For the purpose of what you are building and deploying the operating system? If your computer is not quite sophisticated, and you do not use the computer for personal use (stand alone) then you can choose the operating system windows xp generation.Suggested windows xp due to the size of a laptop or PCyang yet sophisticated operating system is already good. If you belong to the advanced computer and want to use it for networking purposes suggested gunkan LINUX operating system Linux is the operating system that requires minimum computer specifications is not too high. Processor suggest minimum 80 486 or higher generation capacity and 90 MB or 110MB hard disk free space, a minimum of 16 MB of memory, VGA monitor, MouseInclude. The latter if you have advanced computer you can install windows 7 or 8 

Laptop Internet Connection

To connect your laptop do first initial steps: 1. Install driver LAN, WLAN, and a laptop modem you first  

2. If you are sure the drivers are installed you choose what will connect. Is the LAN, WLAN, or Modem.  
3. If you choose to connect to the LAN, you need to connect a LAN cable measuring RJ 45 RJ 45 slot available on your laptop. Once connected double click padalambang LAN and select Connect  
4. If it connects you can browse quickly. Basically using the LAN will have higher bandwidth  
5. If you choose to use WLAN double click on the wifi enter the password when prompted and happy connection  
6. If you choose to use a modem connection, do the following: • Plug the modem • Instalassi modem • Fill the identity card such as a user name and password • Click on connect